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Krypton Australia are specialised in the development and production of polyurea hot-spray (fast-set) coatings. Krypton is a world leading manufacturer of these remarkable systems. With over more than 25 years of experience with polyurea, we may say that we have become a real pioneer in this field.

Our objective is to develop products without solvents that meet the current laws and regulations, which are becoming keener every time, taking full account of the wishes and demands of our customers. We are eager to hear those wishes and to discuss them with our clients.Our goal is to take full care of our customers!

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prokol polyurea No VOC's and little to no odour
prokol polyurea Some systems are potable approved BS6920
prokol polyurea Excellent resistance to thermal shock
prokol polyurea Flexible: Bridges cracks
prokol polyurea Waterproof, seamless and resilient
prokol polyurea Unlimited Mil thickness in one application
prokol polyurea Spray, hand mix and caulk grade materials
prokol polyurea Excellent bond strengths to properly prepared substrates
prokol polyurea Resistant to various solvents, caustics and mild acids
prokol polyurea Low permeability, excellent sustainability

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Krypton Polyurea

Dermot Cross
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